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Welcome to the Gulf Oil Spill Solutions Wiki

The Gulf Oil Spill Solutions wiki is a place to collaboratively develop solutions to the oil spill that occurred in the Gulf of Mexico as a result of the Deepwater Horizon incident. Thanks for your efforts! Note this site has no official affiliation or communication with the official Deepwater Horizon Response effort. To submit solutions technology to the official response effort, go to

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How to contribute

Contribute helpful general information

If you have information that is helpful in the design of solutions, post it on the Problem Definition page. This type of information would include details about the sea floor at the site of the wreckage, the BOP, information about the flow from the well, schematics and engineering data of the wreckage etc.

Add a solution idea

To add a short (one paragraph or shorter) description of a solution, go to the Solutions List article and edit that page placing the idea in the correct section. If you have a detailed solution in mind, add a short description to the Solutions List then create an article describing that solution more fully. Be sure to link to that article in the Solutions List.

If you don't feel comfortable creating an article yourself, you may post your entire solution at Solutions List and another editor can cut and past to the appropriate new article. Try to include any relevant calculations to justify your design or idea. If you don't have any engineering analysis, that's ok. You can get the process started for others to fill in the details. If you are adding solutions you found from elsewhere, be sure to cite the source.

Edit Solution Ideas already posted

Browse through the Solutions List and create articles that give more detail for the idea. Articles should include analysis, benefits, risks, and provide detailed drawings (when applicable) for the solutions listed. Of course you don't have to do all the work but you can get it started knowing that in the end the goal for a solution proposal is a complete actionable design.

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